Marine & Yacht

Requirements of the M&Y business are diverse: allocation of significant space for surface preparation and paint booths , corrosion and humidity control, high quality finishes , low cost investments, etc…

ASTRA has developed a wide range of equipments: from gigantic filtering screens to 40 mts long paint booths which can be located anywhere , without neglecting the balance between investment /environmental regulations/ high quality finishes.

In ASTRA we have the best technical solutions for the paint refinishes of yachts, mega yachts, and small boats. The most perfect finishes can be achieved within a controlled space free of contaminants and our job is to show you how you can make it true.

ASTRA have a great experience in designing and manufacturing booths for gelcoat application, anti corrosion ointment, and fiberglass making. In addition to these booths we also design special booths in which there is a generation of explosive gas (styrene or similar) or an accumulation of dust due to fiberglass or composites cutting operations.